The only significant improvement to the common camp stove since 1942.

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Camping Stove Wind Screen

Camping Stove Wind Screen

Camping Stove Wind ScreenCamping Stove Wind ScreenCamping Stove Wind Screen
Fuel leaks.  Seals stop sealing.  The wind blows your fuel away. You forget to bring extra gas.
Don't be caught short

Fuel Does Run Out

Hello there!

Your WindTamer tote bag

Your WindTamer carries much more than your WindTamer. The photo shows what I also typically pack in mine.  One garage sale Coleman stove sans the "wind blocking top and sides," two cans of fuel, a kitchen utinsel pack, alumium foil and paper towels, hot pad mittens and towel.

Fuel will run out


This is a short video showing early experiment demonstrating what is possible when your fuel does run out. Cans of fuel run dry, seals break or something else will go wrong.  Running down to the local burger joint will most likely be out of the equation. With a WindTamer Camp Stove Companion and a small BBQ, or improvised fire pit, there is no reason for you to ever miss a hot meal. Bring your camping kitchen into the modern age without buying a ton of batteries.