The only significant improvement to the common camp stove since 1942.

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Camping Stove Wind Screen

Camping Stove Wind Screen

Camping Stove Wind ScreenCamping Stove Wind ScreenCamping Stove Wind Screen

WindTamer Hot lunch on cold rain day

Cook in any weather condition for large groups.  Keep your favorite side dishes hot and fresh while the main course simmers.  My bosses and I share a lot of home cooked meals together whether we are at work or at home or on the trail.  That is an advantage to working and living with people who enjoy creative cooking.

When I am away from home, in a camp site, I prepare meals pretty much the same as would in the home-base kitchen.  With the WindTamer Camp Stove Companion making a fresh mini loaf of bread (one pound, or so) takes about 15 minutes prep and clean-up time, 20 minutes for the dough to rise and 30 minutes baking time.  Because heat inside a WindTamer circulates much like in a convection oven minimal fuel is used.  The fresh bread or biscuits or hand rolled tortillas are kept warm on the warming shelf while main dishes are prepared.  Roasting whole chickens and simmering pots of soups, stews or chili uses a fraction of the fuel an unprotected Coleman Stove would consume.  

I call high output camp stoves made by Coleman, Camp Chef and others high input stoves because to achieve a high BTU output they must first input a lot more fuel.

A quote from Switch Back Travel:  

 "Camp Chef’s Everest is a big seller each year thanks to its high levels of performance and build quality. The stove delivers very fast boiling times thanks to its substantial propane burners that pump out 20,000 BTUs a piece (for reference, the Coleman Triton above maxes at 11,000 BTUs per burner). And it’s among the better tabletop options for cooking delicate meals with predictable and consistent output at low and medium heat." 

11,000 BTUs or 20,000 BTUs takes a lot of fuel input to pump out that heat. Better stock up on fuel in the off season.


Fuel Always Runs Out.

Whether you run out of propane fuel from bad planning or a malfunctioning seal, fuel always runs out. I don't recommend that anyone go out and do this.  I don't suggest that you not take canned fuel with you.  This is merely a demonstration of the outer edge of possibilities of this new campground appliance.

What do you do with hungry kids, distraught moms and disappointed camping buddies when your canned fuel source fails?  Uhh, burger boy down on the corner, ehh, that plan B gets an F.

I use clean burning fuel like juniper or oak and limit the fuel size to a maximum of a fore-finger diameter.  Kindling.  Using a cast iron skillet for a base set upon a few stones for insulation and air flow to protect the table, I build a sustainable fire and bed of coals to cook a nutritious meal of foil wrapped meat, potatoes and vegetables in just a few minutes.

WindTamer sets up fast.

Check out this great video

How to set up and how it works

Here is a step by step demonstration of how WindTamer  frame and sheet metal parts go together and then a complete setup of WindTamer Camp Stove Companion

WindTamer Large and Medium