The only significant improvement to the common camp stove since 1942.

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Camping Stove Wind Screen

Camping Stove Wind Screen

Camping Stove Wind ScreenCamping Stove Wind Screen

Camp stoves don't work efficiently in cold weather, wind or rain. Keep fuel pressurized, block wind and shield from rain

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The most important improvement to the camp stove since the Coleman stove was invented 1942

Have you ever experienced a camp out when the weather was not totally pleasant and balmy, with just the perfect breeze? I have.  Have you watched YouTube videos and other pictorial layouts of camp-ground settings showing demonstrations with lots of happy, smiling campers but always in idyllic conditions? “Looks like fun, honey, one might say to the other one, “let’s take the kids and go camping”

Why do so many of you guys end up trying to make do in real life conditions in your camping kitchen with strong wind, rain, sudden cold spells that often bring snow in July?  What the heck-fire! Most camping spots in the United States and Canada are under fire restriction or soaking rain at the time of this writing. 

The busiest season in California’s desert starts on Thanksgiving weekend when hundreds of thousands of campers converge on the sand to merry-make around outdoor kitchens, often with large crowds of friends.  And, the wind blows in Glamis and it does get cold in Death Valley. 

Traveling across Interstate 40 through Northern Arizona will bring you to flashing signs warning against having campfires, charcoal stoves and even common camp stoves. I have read advisories from the Forest Service telling us not to use camp stoves that are closer than 30 inches from the ground.

Dutch oven cooking in the wind? Forget about it. Unless, of course you have a WindTamer Camp Stove Companion. My favorite camp-out foods is really the same as I eat at home. So, if I want fresh bread I can make a loaf with about 15 minutes of labor (the dry ingredients and oil are premixed at home) including cleanup and about 45 minutes to rise and bake in my WindTamer using deep-dish cast iron skillets as an oven on a propane stove. You will now roast whole chickens and simmer pots of fresh soups for hours with minimal fuel use because WindTamer contains and circulates cooking heat inside its flame resistant Nomex chamber much like a convection oven.

WindTamer  is Made in the USA  from USA  sourced materials.  EBay and Amazon price is $130.00.  Buy direct for $116.00 and you save the sellers fee.

Save Fuel and Cook Better

From our experience propane fuel use is 25% or less using WindTamer  Camp Stove Companion but, we are not saying that your fuel consumption will be as good, better or not so good.  But we do want your feedback and shared experience with WindTamer camping stove wind screen.  Tell us about your fuel use, recipes and any suggestions for improving this great new camping stove weather blocker.  Camping stove in the rain.

Why don't people go camping more often?

Why don't people camp more often?

Lack of creature comforts is one big answer. 

My mom used to say that camping was a vacation for my dad, but not for her.  And I understand why she said that. She did not have a camping stove wind blocker. I recently lived full time in camp grounds for more than 9 months in the high desert of California.  I had a front row seat to observe, laugh at and cry with, newbies to the camping life on many occasions.  Women - the moms - are usually the primary cook, bottle washer and baby sitter just like she is at home.  I got to observe hour-long team efforts at setting up tents, only to watch the tent collapse on its occupants.  I witnessed a few men, drunken slobs really, not help their wives much at all with anything.  Who needs a television when real life can be great entertainment?

On one particular Sunday evening before Labor Day, I was busy preparing dinner in very strong wind blowing from the South.  I was using a WindTamer Camp Stove Companion when a forlorn camper stopped, on his way back from the shower, and commented that I was cooking on my camp stove while the rest could not.  My camping kitchen was fully functional in high wind.  They had extremely dismal prospects at best, and some resorted to taking their stoves into the rest rooms.  Hungry kids, tired and frustrated moms and dads, and memories of that, is often a deal breaker when the subject of camping comes up. Camping stove wind screen is a must have.

Camping should be fun for every one of us.  Yes, kids can be a bigger handful in camping life, but as I learned camping with Southwest Bluegrass Association on many occasions, kids should be free to romp and play and only have to be concerned with bees and snakes and falling out of trees; not missed nutritious meals.

Warranty and return policy


Warranty and Returns

WindTamer Camp Stove Companion is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship.  Considering that many campers who purchase WindTamer  will not be using it right away we do extend our warranty for a reasonable amount of time and really do want to hear about any defects discovered during use.  Documenting any  defects with photos will be very helpful to everyone.

Returns for refund of the purchase price of any unused WindTamer  with advanced notice will be cheerfully granted.  

If parts are defective when recieved we will gladly replace them as quickly as possible.


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Frequently asked questions;

Will the shell catch on fire?   No. The shell body is Nomex, which is what wildland fire fighter uniforms are made from.  This material melts at around 770 degrees Fahrenheit.

How should I clean WindTamer? The shell is machine washable.  The frame and warming shelf hangars have a Black Oxide finish and should be wiped with a light weight oil such as bicycle or gun oil or Canola oil after cleaning.

What else will go into the storage bag? Your tote bag is designed over size and you should be able carry your camp stove, propane cans, kitchen utensils and more with your WindTamer in one convenient package.

Why is the sheet metal base flexible?  Most camping tables in established camp grounds are old and warped out of original shape. So, to accommodate the most likely uneven surface the base is made to flex and twist to fit these contortions. 

Should the tie down strap be used every time?  Well, it certainly would not hurt to strap t down.  If you head off on the day's adventure on a windless morning and return back to camp under stormy skies that bring strong wind with it, you might wish you had taken a few seconds to secure your WindTamer stove and other kitchen stuff to the table.


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